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Canterbury Dog Grooming Salon


Dog grooming open Monday to Saturday 8.30 am - 4pm

Salon De Amigos has changed ownership, and is now Canterbury Dog Grooming. 

Some of the infrastructure such as the pens has remained, but almost everything else about the salon has changed. 

Appointment times are now staggered through the day so that your dog no longer needs to stay for hours in order to get groomed.

In order to secure the specific time that you desire, booking ahead is recommended.  

As the new owner, I am also the principal groomer, and as such will take reponsibility for the outcome of each and every groom. Your dog will be inspected at reception to establish exactly what it is that you desire as the outcome of the visit.


Note that you will be greeted at the door by "Musket", my Curly Coated Retriever.

Musket acts as my doorbell, and will bark to alert me that someone is here if I am working on a dog in a rear room.   In order to "turn off" the doorbell, if you proceed through the gate into the reception area and pat him on the head, he will quieten down.   Note that if you do this too quickly, I may not be aware that you have arrived.  Being a curly, once you have patted him, he will decide that you are now a friend and he will usually lean against you, and then try and tunnel through your legs.


He has spent his entire life beside me as I groom, so please be assured that your pup is perfectly safe with him there.  


Accompanying Musket on most days are Finn and Darcy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who generally take it upon themselves to meet and greet most arrivals to ensure that they feel properly welcomed.


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